Hello Dear Visitor!

Thank you for stopping by this blog. As you might have already guessed that I’m the guy behind this blog where I put all my photographs. I’m not a professional photographer, neither I want to be, I guess. But I have a passion of photography. Especially, I like to take photos of nature though it may be similar to stealing content from the nature. 😀

Although I’m a fond of camera, there are two things about me that may sound ‘sick’!

  1. I own a digital camera, not an SLR or DSLR one.
  2. I don’t like to take my own photo.

Despite having no camera, I continue to capture around me using my cellphone’s built-in camera. Also, my sister has got a Digital Video camera (not that good, though) which I occasionally use to take photographs of nature and travel.
This picture of mine was taken by my sister using my phone’s camera. Nice shot, right? 😀

A bit about me
Well, I’m a student. Besides study, I like to write and capture. I’m interested in both photography and cinematography. I also write blogs on several topics. Here’s one about technology. Here’s about personal stuffs. And there are lots more in Bangla.

Connect with me
I’m on social media, like thousands of others. Find me on Facebook. I like to make friends on facebook and chat with them. I’m actually an inactive Facebook user if you measure me by my activities. I update my status, comment on others’ updates and photos, sometimes I upload photos, and that’s it. You will find me online most of the time, but I stay online for chat. Most of the time I log in to Facebook chat via third-party client. So, I’m a lazy facebook user.

I’m also on twitter. Despite having limit at how many “letters” I can use in my updates, I regularly use it. Most of the time you will find tweets that notify my followers about new posts on my other blogs. However, I like to behave personal on twitter. So, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter. Please send me a direct message saying that you were redirected from this blog so that I can follow you, too.

You can always send me a message using the contact form.

Now, you might want to explore the archive.

Thanks for visiting. Post any comment on any picture you like or dislike. In my blogging journey, comments are my inspiration.


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